Friday, September 18, 2009 (TAYLOR IS 4 YEARS, 4 MONTHS OLD)

We’re still busy, still under construction at the house, so I haven’t been posting much lately. We’ve managed to squeeze in some fun between all of the work. Here are some of the things we’ve been doing:

Sliding in Benicia:
091809 063

Having lunch with Zuzu and Nathan:
091809 142

Goofing off together:
091809 034 091809 110

Starting pre-kindergarten:
091809 108

Sailing on the bay:
091809 025

Dirt sliding:
091809 115

Helping with the house:
091809 131 091809 130 091809 236

The construction zone is proving to be a wonderful playground. Taylor loves digging in the dirt, picking up nails and watching the various contractors (especially the concrete guys). There is a ginormous mound of dirt sitting in our front yard and Taylor has claimed it as her hill. She’s spent hours at a time playing on her hill. She recently got hooked on the show “Handy Manny”, so she’s very interested in tools and she really wants to help building the house. Ironically, TJ has also entered into a pretty girlie phase. She wants to wear dresses all the time now. I’m fine with it, but there are many days when we’ll stop by the house and Taylor will go play in the dirt pile with her lovely dress on. Her favorite activity is to pretend that it’s a roller coaster, so she climbs to the top and slides all the way down. By the time we leave, she usually comes out with several layers of dust caked all over her skin and clothes. We’ve had to pour dirt and gravel out of every pair of her shoes. Despite the mess, I think we’re really going to miss that dirt pile when it finally goes away.

TJ’s imagination is in overdrive these days and she tends to think very grand thoughts. The other day she asked me, “Mom, how did everything in the world become what it is if there was no one to build it?” Of course, I didn’t have an adequate answer to her question. As I began to stammer out a response, she interrupted me and said, “I know! We should just find a builder and ask them because they would know.” I could not have been more relieved. Taylor has all of the answers to the great unanswerable questions.