Friday, March 6, 2009 (TAYLOR IS 3 YEARS AND 10 MONTHS OLD)

Happy March! It came in like a lion, so hopefully will go out like a lamb. We spent most of the month of February trying to find ways to stay dry during all the rains. I think Taylor was starting to feel a little cooped up, because she kept asking to go out and play. One morning, after it had been raining for days on end, she insisted on going outside to play in the rain. Finally, I relented and geared her up with two pairs of pants and rain boots and a jacket and sent her outside. I figured she’d last 5 minutes, tops, and then want to come back inside. Instead, she had a blast playing outside in the downpour. She jumped in puddles and looked at the plants and walked in the grass and explored. Here she is enjoying her wet wonderland:

022209 042

When you’re trapped inside a tiny house for long periods of time, you run out of things to do and so sometimes you get desperate. My mom and I painted Taylor’s face like a cat…
022209 036
…and then spent the rest of the afternoon telling her not to touch anything for fear that she’d get face paint on the furniture or carpet. She did look cute, though.

Another rainy day activity has been sending out e-mails. Taylor dictates e-mails to me and then I send them out to family and friends. That turned out to be a really fun, cute project. Here’s one that she wrote to Chiquita:

“Dear Chiquita,

I really love you so much. I like playing with your ball. I like that you sleep with me. Your fur is very soft. I think you really like my hat and you really like Nathan too. You tried to lick him and sit on his blanket. You are the best dog. I think you really like my Hello Kitty boots. I like that you lick me. I like your kisses very much. You love me and I love you.


A couple of weeks ago, I started taking care of my nephew, Nathan, during the weekdays. One of the reasons that I wanted to do it was because it would give Taylor a sense of having another kid around. I wasn’t sure how it would go, since she’s been the queen bee for the past 3+ years. I have to say that so far it’s been going great. Taylor LOVES her cousin and she tells everyone, “This is my first cousin!” When she sees him, she says, “I love you, cousin!”. She’s very doting and brings him toys and his pacifier when he’s crying. It is so sweet. She definitely has her moments of wanting my attention when he’s around, but I am so pleased with how she’s handled it. I hope that she and Nathan grow up to be very close. Here’s a shot of Taylor and Nathan together:


Zach and I wanted to take Taylor to do something really fun and Zach had the idea to go miniature golfing. We brought Taylor to a place in Livermore that has mini golf, arcade, go karts and bumper boats. Taylor liked the golfing, but she got distracted pretty quickly so we played a quick round and then we were looking for something else to do. It was too cold for bumper boats, but we thought we’d check out the cars and see if Taylor was big enough to go in one. She juuuuust reached the height limit, so Zach took Taylor out in a go kart. I wondered if she would be scared, but she absolutely loved it. Once they got out onto the track, she was grinning from ear to ear. It looked like they had a REALLY fun time together. It was such a fun day and I was really glad to see that she’s getting to a point where she can do more “big-kid” stuff. It just makes us realize how many more fun things are ahead of us!
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Taylor and Jaxon:
022209 017

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