Friday, February 6, 2009 (TAYLOR IS 3 YEARS AND 9 MONTHS OLD)

Eskimo Yr3Month9 003

Well, we’re very happy to be healthy today! So far this year, we’ve already been through one cold and Taylor has had three colds since Thanksgiving. Ugh. I’m ready to wrap everyone in Saran Wrap to keep from passing germs back and forth. Thankfully, the sicknesses have been fairly mild, but it’s just awful to see Taylor sick. Her face gets so scarred up from wiping her nose.

Taylor has lately been really interested in learning words in Spanish. She’s picked up a few words here and there (probably mostly from Sesame Street). She’s always asking what words are in Spanish and if she hears a word that she doesn’t recognize, she assumes that we’re speaking in Spanish. One day, Taylor was in the car and asked me for her Magna Doodle and I passed it to her and said, “Here’s your doodle pad”. She said, “No, it’s my DRAWING pad” and I replied, “Yeah, doodle…drawing…same thing!” She said, “Oh, I KNOW. “Doodle” means “drawing” in Spanish! Heehee…kid logic.

Taylor climbing trees in the yard:

Tree Tree2

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