Friday, September 5, 2008 (TAYLOR IS 3 YEARS AND 4 MONTHS OLD)

We held it off for as long as we could, but the inevitable has happened…Taylor is now in full princess mode. She absolutely loves princesses, especially Cinderella. She has friends that have various princess toys, costumes, etc. and Taylor loves to dress up with them. Even though she hasn’t really seen any of the movies (well, except Aladdin, which really was more about the prince than the princess), she knows them all by name. Here you can see Taylor singing along with her princess song and doing some sort of interpretive dance:
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T.J. has been in preschool for over a month now and every day seems to be getting a little easier. We’re still experiencing some separation anxiety (she clings to me and cries, “Mommy, I loooove you!” every time I leave), but she always wants to stay at school when I arrive to pick her up. It sounds cold, but I try to just leave quickly because it doesn’t seem to help if I stay any later. It’s hard to walk away, but prolonging it just makes things worse. I think Taylor would like Zach and I to be giving her our undivided attention constantly, without a break, if she could have that. When we play in her room now, she always closes the door behind us. I think it’s to ensure that we won’t leave, because if I open the door again she gets very upset. When we color now, she will usually stop coloring her page and move onto my page. It’s not enough to be coloring side by side any longer, we actually have to be practically touching crayons. It’s kind of funny and I’m assuming that it’s a phase that will pass soon. The nice thing is that she will sit and color for about an hour at a time, so it’s a great activity for us to just sit down and do together. We also got a little felt sewing kit that was made for kids about her age and it had some puppets that she put together with Grandpa Paul and Daddy. She was really proud to have made the puppets and they actually looked pretty good when she was done.

Learning to sew with Grandpa Paul:

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I thought all kids loved water, but as it turns out, Taylor is very finicky about playing in water and she DOES NOT like getting her face wet. She really hates having her hair washed and so it takes a lot of cajoling, bribes and trickery to get her hair clean. We’ve actually compromised in allowing her to have her hair washed in the kitchen sink, but you’d think I was torturing her by the way she carries on. During the summer, we were invited to a few water-related activities with friends, but I usually hesitated because I didn’t think Taylor would be very interested. During the last heat wave, however, we were all melting in the house and we decided to check out the Antioch Water Park. I had heard really good things about it from some friends, so we drove out to Antioch one sweltering evening. When we got there, T.J. had just woken up from a nap and she was not in the mood to be at the water park, so she immediately threw a fit. Zach and I decided to each go down a waterslide while the other one stayed with Taylor, and she was furious. What a tantrum she threw! I thought she would never calm down and was regretting our decision to drag her out against her will. After awhile, though, she agreed to dip her toes in the water. Then she was willing to walk into the water. Then she played with Zach and I in the pool. Before we knew it, she was going down the kiddie waterslide by HERSELF! Just like with everything with Taylor, she had to observe things and take her time before she would try. But eventually she did it and pretty soon she was running to go down the slide again. Afterwards, we all agreed that it was a really fun night!

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