Friday, July 4, 2008 (TAYLOR IS 3 YEARS AND 2 MONTHS OLD)

Raise your hand if you’re potty-trained!


That’s right…remember last month when I casually mentioned that Taylor had gone an entire day using the potty? Well, it turns out that a kid can stretch out potty training for three years and then learn how to go overnight. Don’t get me wrong, we spent many, many, many hours over the past year reading books to her and singing songs while she sat in the bathroom and NOTHING happened. Then, just like so many people told me it would happen, it just clicked one day and she got it. No looking back. To me, it’s just amazing. Every. Single. Time. And she’s still SO PROUD of herself. Sorry to go on and on, but there is no Hallmark card to commemorate this occasion and there really should be. In lieu of that, I have to post to the blog – the 21st century equivalent of shouting it from the rooftops: “Hurray, we’re potty-trained!!”

Once Taylor was potty trained, she had it in her head that she really wanted to go to the kid’s care at IKEA. Believe it or not, they have a childcare area in the store and you can drop your child there and they’ll watch them for up to 1.5 hours for free while you shop. Taylor must have overheard my friend Amy and I talking about it months ago. Kids have to be at least 36″ tall and potty trained to go there, so T.J. couldn’t go in before, but once she was potty trained, she persisted in asking me if she could go. A year ago, I would have thought that the notion of dropping my child off at daycare at IKEA was an insane idea. I could just picture them trying to read to her from the assembly instructions for a dresser or desk or CD tower. Only there would be no words, just pictures that did little to help in actually instructing someone how to assemble anything, let alone an actual dresser. Wait, where was I? Oh, yeah, anyway Taylor has been trying to get some more independence lately, so I told her we could go check it out. I dropped her off on a weekday morning, when it was not busy at all. I didn’t have any shopping to do, so I just went upstairs to the cafeteria to get a bite to eat. Once I was up there, I realized the greatest part about the kid’s care – they are in a glass enclosed room and I could look down from the cafeteria and see everything. I was able to sit upstairs for 1/2 hour and watch Taylor while she adjusted to IKEA’s play school. It was pretty uneventful – she just sat at a table and colored and watched the other kids. It was typical T.J., just sitting back and taking it all in. I was just happy to see that there wasn’t anything to worry about…she’s able to hold her own now.

Taylor loves dressing in very colorful outfits and she’s picked out some doozies. Here are some of my favorites:
Yr3Month2b Yr3Month2c Yr3Month2d Yr2Wk42b

Taylor with Daddy on Father’s Day:
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