Friday, February 29, 2008 (TAYLOR IS 2 YEARS AND 42 WEEKS OLD)

Dress-up time:
Yr2Wk42a Yr2Wk42b

Yr2Wk42c Yr2Wk42d

Taylor was sick last week with the flu. It was probably the most sick she’s been so far – she was very unhappy with having a stuffy nose. Unfortunately, there’s really nothing that we can give her when she’s sick and it made us feel very helpless that we couldn’t ease her symptoms. She actually rubbed under her nose raw, so she had what looked like a little “Charlie Chaplin-esque” mustache for a few days. Luckily she healed up quickly. The one upside to T.J. being sick is that we were forced to stay home for a few days. I know, it doesn’t sound like an upside to be cooped up in the house with a sick 2-year old for days at a time. It happened to be raining outside anyway, and so we just hunkered down indoors and played together and did nothing much at all. I enjoy all of the activities that we normally do, but it was so nice to have a couple of days just hanging out without the hassle of piling in and out of the car all day. Don’t get me wrong, I was getting a little bit of cabin fever after several days in a row of being home, but I also realized that we should plan more “down” days at home every once in awhile too.