Friday, February 8, 2008 (TAYLOR IS 2 YEARS AND 39 WEEKS OLD)

This week we took a trip down to Fresno to visit Grandma C.R., Uncle Steve and Aunt Dot. It’s about a 3 hour drive to get there from our house and I’m always a little unsure of how the drive is going to go. Normally I plan our trips (packing, snacks, stops, etc) down to the last detail, but this time I found myself scrambling to put everything together at the last minute. I knew that if I packed nothing else, I had to be sure to bring the portable DVD player (the peacemaker). Sure enough, that blessed technological wonder kept Taylor happy for the majority of the car ride down. After her movie was over, I was driving along and it was quiet in the backseat when I heard her say, “Look Mommy, look at me”. When I glanced in the rear view mirror, I could see that she had put a hat on her head…except it wasn’t a hat, it was a diaper. I burst out laughing and she was thrilled that she had made me laugh, so for the next 10 minutes or so she repeated her little stunt. What a comedienne!

Taylor the prop comic:

Taylor really enjoys going to Fresno, and if I had to guess, here’s why I think she likes it so much:
1. She gets to be the center of attention.
2. Good food!
3. Books, books and more books.
4. Having people around who never tire of reading those books.
5. Houses that have fun things she can’t find at home like pianos and big wrought-iron beds.
6. Drawers and drawers of jewelry that Grandma lets her try on.
7. A mail slot where she can put mail in, take mail out, put mail in, take mail out, put mail in, take mail out…
8. She gets lots of hugs, kisses and L-O-V-E.

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