Friday, July 27, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 2 YEARS AND 11 WEEKS OLD)

I’ve mentioned that Taylor likes reading, but she really has become a voracious reader. She loves having people read to her and she’s memorized most of her favorite stories, so midway through a book she’ll often take it away and start reciting the rest as she flips through the pages. Many times, after we put her to bed, we can hear her in her room telling stories – one running into the next – until she finally falls asleep. She definitely has her favorites, which after awhile become the LEAST favorites of Zach and I (because, really, how many times can you read through the exact same Elmo book without wanting to toss it in the recycle bin?) In fact, at one point, Zach decided he just could not read “The Snowy Day” one more time, so it got tucked away somewhere (even I don’t know where!). I’m sure we’ll stumble upon it someday and recall fond memories of that book – right now it’s just too soon. The other day, Taylor wanted a story after her nap, so we sat together and read and when the book was finished, she brought me another one. I decided to see how many books we could read before she would just get tired or bored. One after another, she brought me books and we read them and she brought me more until 26 stories later we were out of books, my jaw was ready to fall off and she was still asking for more!

“Look Mom – I read the WHOLE stack!!”

Getting others in on the act:
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Friday, July 20, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 2 YEARS AND 10 WEEKS OLD)

At Small World Park in Pittsburg:

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Taylor and I were shopping when she just decided that she had to dance. Not sure where she picked up those moves, but it’s captivating to watch:
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[flashvideo width=”400″ height=”300″ filename=”videos/Yr2Wk10b.flv” returnpage=”” /]