Friday, May 18, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 2 YEARS OLD)

We made it…Taylor is finally two. What a thrill! After all of the talk leading up to the big event, she was pretty tuned in to the meaning of birthdays – mainly the cake. She liked opening gifts, she liked singing “Happy Birthday”, she liked getting the attention, but she LOVED the cake (chocolate cake with chocolate frosting -what’s not to love?!) She started out with very dainty bites and ended with chocolate all over herself. Her hands and mouth were so coated with chocolate that Zach and I were running for cover while she lunged at us with her frosting fingers. Needless to say, she demolished the cake and has been coming down from the sugar high ever since!

To celebrate her birthday, my dad and I took on a little project and built Taylor a play castle. We got the idea from a book that C.R. gave to Zach called “Kids Places to Play”. We were so happy with the way that it turned out and even more pleased with Taylor’s reaction. She’s been having a blast playing in her new castle. We’re so short on space that we’re thinking maybe it could double as a guest house. Cozy!

Castle pictures and tour:
Week 105a Week 105b

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Enjoying the sweet life:
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Friday, May 11, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 104 WEEKS OLD)

Tomorrow it’s official…Taylor’s turning two at last. It’s a little bittersweet because I look back on her pictures and reminisce about all of those baby moments. Now we’re no longer going to have a baby in the house – she’s moving on to kid-dom! Taylor is very excited about her birthday because she gets a birthday cake. I’ve asked her what kind of cake and she says, “icecreamconecake!” She’s never heard of ice cream cake, so I think she’s just putting together two of her favorite things…ice cream cones and cake (she definitely takes after Zach and I in that respect!) We’re having a little gathering for her tomorrow, so I’ll post pics from the big day next week.

Week 104c

Taylor driving uncle Pete’s new boat:
Week 104a

P.S. Congrats to my mom Laura (aka Zuzu) for retiring after many years working for the San Ramon school district. Here she is with her friend Nancy and Taylor – enjoying the first official day of “permacation” (permanent vacation).

Week 104b


Friday, May 4, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 103 WEEKS OLD)


Taylor learned the word, “why” yesterday and she’s now using it with reckless abandon. She’s been working up to it for a couple of weeks. For awhile she kept asking, “What dat is?” about everything and I did my best to answer, even when she asked the question 1/2 dozen times. She progressed to asking about what people were doing, and she would drill me over and over:

Taylor: “What daddy doing?”
Me: “He’s working right now.”
Taylor: “What mommy doing?”
Me: “I’m driving the car.”
Taylor: “What Paul doing?”
Me: “I think he’s probably working too.”
Taylor: “What C.R. doing, mommy?”
Me: “I don’t know, honey. She’s probably working.”
Taylor: “What Zuzu doing?”
Me: “Working.”
Taylor: “What Gene doing?”
Me: “Working.”
Taylor: “What Pete doing, mommy?”
Me: “Working.”
Taylor: “What pizza doing?
Me: “I’m sorry…did you just ask me what pizza is doing? Did we just go from Pete to pizza?”
Taylor: Yeah.
Me: silence
Taylor: repeats louder and more insistently “What PIZZA doing?!?”
Me: “Really? OK, well I guess the pizza is working, too, Taylor. Yeah…the pizza is definitely working right now.”
Taylor: smiling “Pizza working, too!”

I try hard to answer her questions honestly – I really do – but how do you answer that question with honesty and dignity? It’s just not possible. So now she’s upping the ante by asking me “why”, which is so much harder because it’s open-ended. I’ve started responding with, “Why do you think?”, but she just tends to pause and then ask, “why” again. I need to work on a snappier comeback.

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