Friday, March 30, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 98 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor has developed a deep appreciation for accessories…specifically purses and shoes. I blame it on Linda, since she’s the one who stocked Taylor’s closet with teeny-tiny shoes before she was even born! Now T.J. likes nothing better than to spend time shopping for purses and shoes at Macy’s. In fact, it was one of our favorite pastimes during the winter when it was too cold and dark to play outside. We would let Taylor loose in the purse department and she would run around collecting bags and testing out how many she could fit on her arm at once. I think we got up to a dozen at once. Now, whenever we say, “Taylor, do you want to go shopping?” she replies, “purses…shoes…”. This may be an expensive habit we’ve started.

Taylor shopping for blingity-bling:


Dyeing Easter eggs:
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Friday, March 23, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 97 WEEKS OLD)

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Taylor is apparently in training to become a magician because she managed to make my mom’s cell phone disappear this weekend. She was playing with the phone at my parent’s house and then *poof* it was gone! I had the theory that since T.J. is communicating so well these days, we might be able to reason with her and just ask her where she put the phone. Instead, she led us to every other phone in the known universe EXCEPT my mom’s cell phone. We spent hours tearing the house apart from top to bottom and still have yet to locate the phone. Eventually we just gave up searching and my mom went out and bought a replacement.

An update on the potty training: Taylor successfully used the potty this week. YAY! She did it at preschool and her teacher said that Taylor was bursting with pride afterward. To celebrate her accomplishment, we went to the store to buy her some big girl underpants. I let her choose which ones she wanted and naturally she selected the ones with Elmo on them – the “boy” panties, by the way, since they don’t seem to make Elmo panties for girls. I hesitate to get too excited about her progress, because it’s a whole different story at home. She’s happy to have me sit with her in the bathroom reading “Yes potty, No potty” for days on end, so I’m not holding my breath that we’ll be done with this anytime soon.

Taylor getting smooches from Chiquita:

[flashvideo width=”400″ height=”300″ filename=”videos/Week97vid2.flv” returnpage=”” /]

This video is an old one – we captured the footage sometime last fall. Before you watch it, a few things you should know…
1. Taylor was watching Zach fly a remote controlled plane.
2. The plane is made out of styrofoam, so it’s very light.
3. No animals (humans included!) were injured in the making of this video.
4. What occurred was NOT done on purpose – honestly!
5. This is one of T.J.’s favorite videos – she loves to watch it and laughs almost every time she sees it.

[flashvideo width=”400″ height=”300″ filename=”videos/Week97vid1.flv” returnpage=”” /]

Friday, March 16, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 96 WEEKS OLD)

We’ve started giving Taylor jobs to do around the house. Nothing big, just little tasks so that she can get a taste of responsibility. She has to put her highchair away when she’s done eating and she’s in charge of watering the plants. She really loves watering the plants, but most of the water ends up on her and on the driveway than actually on the plants. Still, it’s great to see her out there gardening (that’s right, our daughter gardens…she’s a GARDENER!)

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This week we took a really big step in our house – we started potty training! I hear all the time how nice it is to have a child out of diapers, but I have to admit I am coming to this a bit reluctantly. It’s not that I don’t recognize the advantages, but I really don’t mind changing diapers that much and potty training sounds like A LOT of work! Already, we spend about 2.5 hours a day on feedings, so the idea of investing even more time dealing with any more of the digestive process just didn’t sound that appealing to me. Okay, let’s be honest…I’m just lazy. Anyway, my plan was to procrastinate until Taylor turned at least two before starting to potty train, but T.J. is showing all of the signs that she’s ready now, so we brought out the potty seat. We made a really big deal that she’s got her “own potty” now. She was VERY excited and running around saying “Own potty! Own potty!” I got her a book about the potty and she sits in the bathroom and reads it – well, actually I read it to her. In fact, I’ve read that book several dozen times by now but it hasn’t done it’s job because now instead of potty time, it’s become story time.

Zach rigged up a way for me to post videos to Taylor’s blog, so here’s a little video I shot of her this week singing her favorite song (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star):
[flashvideo width=”400″ height=”300″ filename=”videos/Week96vid1.flv” returnpage=”” /]

And another of her saying her alphabet. She knows her ABC’s, but gets a little excited, so it kind of derailed partway through (and did I hear “GI Joe” in there? When did that become part of the alphabet?):
[flashvideo width=”400″ height=”300″ filename=”videos/Week96021.flv” returnpage=”” /]

Friday, March 9, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 95 WEEKS OLD)

T.J. and I went to visit Zach at work in Alameda last weekend. He has an office in a building at the old naval air station, so we went to see where daddy works. They have more toys there than Taylor has here at home, so which one of us is hanging out with kids all day? Taylor got to play with a big bouncy rubber ball…

…and a scooter…

…and a rubber chicken (?!).
Week95c Week95d

Needless to say, it was a bit difficult coaxing Taylor out of there when it was finally time to go. I think she’ll definitely want to grow up to be an engineer. They certainly have the best toys!

We’ve found a new activity to keep T.J. occupied on rainy days. We go to Lunardi’s market in Walnut Creek and go shopping. They have these miniature shopping carts with flags on them that say, “Customer In Training”. Taylor loves pushing the cart around the store. She looks like a little grown-up as she maneuvers around, picking up various items and throwing them into her cart. It’s my new favorite activity because I can actually get something accomplished and she’s entertained at the same time.

Taylor learned how to jump this week. She jumps off of the ground with both feet. All of these little things that she’s learning didn’t sound like a big deal to me until I tried to teach them to her. It’s really difficult to explain to someone how to will their feet to leave the ground and lift themselves up in the air. Anyway, another milestone reached!

Friday, March 2, 2007 (TAYLOR IS 94 WEEKS OLD)


We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today, which is why this posting is so late. From an adult’s perspective, I think the aquarium is great. From a parent’s perspective, it was fabulous. Taylor had such a great time…she was completely engaged the entire time and she ran around looking at all of the exhibits. We were totally impressed at how much thought they put into activities for young kids. I could just kick myself, though, because I forgot to bring the camera! I would loved to have captured some shots of T.J. nose to nose (well, nose to glass) with the sea otters or counting the anemones or gaping at the sunfish. We’ll definitely have to plan another trip to the aquarium soon!