Friday, September 29, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 72 WEEKS OLD)

Maybe it was because we were living in a relatively urban environment, but until recently, Taylor really didn’t care much for being outside. She liked it fine, but she didn’t have any great desire to play outdoors. In fact, when we would put her on grass, she used to stand on one leg, like a flamingo, and moan. Then she would switch legs and balance on the other foot, clinging to my legs in an effort to be picked up. A few weeks ago, however, everything changed. My dad took her into the backyard and she went through the flamingo routine for awhile, so he brought her up to the deck. Suddenly she decided to traipse right down the stairs to the lawn and off she went! Now she’s totally hooked on being outside, traversing the lawn and climbing on the park bench. Before we couldn’t get her to go outside, now we can’t get her to come inside…how times have changed!

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Another thing that T.J.’s totally hooked on is the camera. I made the mistake of showing her pictures on the digital camera and now she just wants to look at the pictures instead of being the subject. It’s impossible to take a picture of her anymore because as soon as she sees the camera, she comes running with her arm outstretched to view the display screen. Then she’ll plop herself down on my lap and sit while I scroll through every picture on the camera, one by one. It doesn’t matter that she’s seen them several dozen times already…she still wants to see them again! There is a video clip on the camera in which I asked her what each of the animals says and she made the appropriate sound for each animal. She’s seen that video so many times that she starts making the monkey sound BEFORE she sees that part in the video.


Friday, September 22, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 71 WEEKS OLD)

After waiting for what seemed like forever, Taylor is really talking now. A few weeks ago, she started saying “yeah” and “no” and then her language skills just exploded. She has a laundry list of words that she says on a regular basis and she busts out with one or two new words every day. Usually she’s just mimicking something that we say, but it’s amazing to hear how far she’s come. Even though she’s been signing “yes” and “no” for awhile, it’s so much different to hear her say those words out loud. She understands so much more than we ever realized! I’ve noticed that I’m seeking more feedback from her now. I ask her if she wants to go see Chiquita and she responds with an enthusiastic, “Yeah!”. Or I’ll ask her if her diaper needs to be changed and almost always she answers me, “No. No…no…no…” (shaking her head for emphasis). Then she’ll grab her diaper and run away giggling, so I know that she DOES need her diaper changed. She just learned how to talk and she’s already figured out how to put one over on me!

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Here are some of her favorite words:
Woohoo (I love it when she says that because she really exaggerates it: “woooo-hoooo”)
Chiquita (sounds like “Chee-tee”, but sometimes she says it perfectly)

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Friday, September 15, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 70 WEEKS OLD)

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You may have noticed that I missed posting last week, but I have a very good reason…we moved on Friday. I’d like to say that Taylor settled in perfectly, but honestly the past week was pretty rough. She’s been upset and out of sorts and I can’t say that I blame her. In order to get our house in order, we were using as much childcare as we could, so Taylor was bouncing back and forth between babysitters and grandparents and various houses. She had a great time with them, but her whole routine has been upended. We’re still working on getting our rhythm back. Taylor found her own way of making sense of the whole thing. At first when we moved in we didn’t have any of our coffee tables and so T.J. didn’t have anywhere to put her stuff. As I mentioned in a previous post, she really likes to organize things so she found the one place where she could organize her stuff – the toilet seat lid:


By Sunday, we really needed a break so we went to Marine World for a couple of hours. It was hot and packed with families, but we found a water splash area for toddlers and T.J. was in heaven sloshing around:

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Friday, August 31, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 68 WEEKS OLD)


Taylor got her first baby doll last week and she just loooooooooooves it! She holds it so gently and gives it hugs and kisses. What a good mommy!
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T.J. and her buddy Cameron battling over a toy:

We took a break from packing this weekend to go to the park. Taylor managed that wheelbarrow pretty well…we might have to put her to work!
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Spending a little time with daddy: