Friday, April 28, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 50 WEEKS OLD)

Big news in Taylor’s world…she took her first steps on her own this week! So far she’s done it a few times. It’s just a couple of steps here and there, but she’s getting bolder every day.

Taking some very tentative steps:

Week50h Week50f Week50c Week50d Week50e

We put our house up for sale last week and we had our first open house so Taylor and I decided to lay low at my parent’s for awhile. After the open house, realtors kept making appointments to come through the house so one day at my parent’s house turned into an entire weekend. T.J. was really good the entire time, although she seems to be trying to get on Chiquita’s good side by slipping her treats now and again. T.J. loves to see Chiquita and so when she’s eating she’ll hang one arm over the side of her chair until Chiquita comes by and licks her hand. When Taylor doesn’t want a particular food or if she’s done with her meal she picks up her food, holds it out over the floor and drops it. Since most of what she eats is finger-food, little bits of carrots or bread or pasta end up strewn on the floor around her chair. Chiquita then takes on the roll of the cleaner, coming through and making sure that all of the little bits are licked clean. It’s really the least that Taylor can do for Chiquita, since she’s usurped her power position in my parent’s house.

Week50a Week50b

Daddy’s got some big shoes to fill:

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