Friday, February 24, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 41 WEEKS OLD)

This week has been all about play for Taylor. Everything is a game, starting when she wakes up and continuing until the very last moment before she goes to sleep. She doesn’t want to miss a beat! She has discovered that closing the door is fun, so sometimes when I walk out of her bedroom, she’ll close the door behind me. Trying to get back in the room can be a challenge, because I’ll try to open the door slowly so that I don’t accidentally hit her and she’s on the other side pushing it closed again and giggling madly.

T.J. also loves to instigate “chase the baby” games, so if she’s crawling around, she’ll look back at us, shriek and then run away as if to say, “Come and get me!”. She enjoys it when we hide in another room and call out “Where’s Taylor?”. Then she’ll peer around the corner, and slowly crawl toward our voices. When we see her we shout, “THERE’S Taylor!”, which gets a big laugh every time. And on and on it goes…she would repeat this game all day if we let her.

PushCar Shaggy

Standing at the window, watching the world go by:

Window1 Window Window2 Window3

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