Friday, February 17, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 40 WEEKS OLD)

We have a saying in our house: “The tide is rising”, which refers to the fact that Taylor now wants to be vertical as much as she can, so nothing is safe. Anything that can be utilized as a prop for her to stand up is used. In order to protect her, we’re becoming very minimalist in our decorating. We’ve taken down tables, cabinets, and electronic devices in order to ensure that she doesn’t destroy them (or herself!). Finally this week, I cordoned off her room and the hallway outside her room so that she would have a “safe zone”. Hurray for baby gates!! Taylor’s day care provider, Elizabeth, mentioned to me this week that T.J. and her buddy Cameron were cruising around her living room together. Taylor would reach up to all of the tables in the room and pull objects down for her and Cameron to play with. They had access to a MILLION toys, but instead, baby Bonnie and Clyde decided to steal the remote control instead – go figure!

Standing2 Surprise StarWars Highchair

Taylor has a little cloth book that is like a photo album. We filled it with pictures of people that she knows so she could look through it and see some familiar faces. She loves the book, but her favorite part is the last page. It’s a mirror and so T.J. flips all the way to the end of the book so that she can see herself. Lately, she’s taken to kissing her reflection – I guess she just can’t resist her own charms!

Mirror8 Mirror9 Mirror10

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