Friday, February 10, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 39 WEEKS OLD)

This week has been a very good one for us – after about three months of sleep struggles, it seems like T.J.’s starting to get back on track with her snoozing, so the sleep training may have paid off. We’re just hoping that we don’t have to revisit the sleep issue again anytime soon…

Two big things happened just in the last couple of days. First of all, T.J. stood up on her own without any assistance. We were playing and she just popped right up, wobbled there for about 3 seconds and then she went right back down on her backside again (good thing she’s well-padded!). It was very cool, but not nearly as cool as the OTHER thing she did, which was to say “mama”. She’s actually said it before, but never when I was around. Before, it was always “dada” this and “dada” that…now she’s finally expanded her vocabulary to include mom!

Blue1 Biter Lulu

Getting into mischief in the laundry basket:


Zach’s a big fan of a car show called Top Gear and I think it inspired him to purchase Taylor her first set of wheels:

Car Car1 Car2 Car3 Car4

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