Friday, February 3, 2006 (TAYLOR IS 38 WEEKS OLD)

Before Taylor was born, Zach and I got a lot of advice from people about caring for a newborn. Many people told us how sleepless and overwhelmed we would feel…and we believed them…and they were right! After we got through the newborn phase, we figured that we were old pros at this parenting stuff. Somehow we were given the impression that once the first few months is over, it’s relatively smooth sailing until the terrible two’s set in. The thing is, I feel like the 6-8 month timeframe has been hard work! A teething, crawling, 18 lb. baby who doesn’t want to sleep is EXHAUSTING to keep up with because she is constantly in motion. Even more than that, though, is that she’s really asserting her personality now. Before, it seemed like there were two people and a baby in the house, but it’s becoming very clear that there are three separate people with three separate personalities who all have to live in harmony under the same roof. Fortunately, we all seem to be getting along now… ask us again when she’s 13.

“Hey, let me outta’ here!”:
BehindBars1 BehindBars2

Having a bath in the kitchen sink:
Bath8 Bath10 Bath11 Bath9

Climbing the stairs (with Grandma spotting her):

Stairs1 Stairs2 Stairs3 Stairs4

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