Friday, December 23, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 32 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor got her wish…she got her two front teeth just in time for Christmas!. Actually, she already had two teeth, so now she has a total of four little nubs – two on top and two on the bottom. She’s been having a lot of fun figuring out what to do with them. One of her discoveries is that she can grind her teeth together and make a sound that sends shivers up our spines. It’s a lot like the sound of fingernails dragging down a chalkboard. T.J. is also learning how to bite, which is probably a new and fun thing for her, but when Zach and I are the targets of her biting, it’s really NOT fun for us. I’ve been advised to say a very firm, “NO!” when she bites and she’s supposed to figure out that it’s a bad thing. Supposedly she’s at an age where she can begin to understand what “NO” means. I’ve tried it several times and she gets startled, looks up at me…and SMILES. Of course, I can’t keep a straight face so I end up laughing and my efforts at teaching her right from wrong are ruined. I was hoping that at least Zach might be able to take on the “bad cop” role, but Taylor broke him down yesterday and got him laughing too, so she may never get disciplined!

BigBlueMarble RoseyCheeks MelonPop

It’s a good thing we babyproofed (don’t worry, there’s caps covering those outlets!):

BabyProof BabyProof2


Friday, December 16, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 31 WEEKS OLD)

Our bundled baby:

Beautiful chubby baby legs:
ChubbyLegs ChubbyLegs2

Lately Taylor has been pretty indifferent about eating solid foods. One day she’ll love peas or bananas or squash and the next day she could care less, but we have found the one food that is a sure-fire winner every time and, ironically, it’s one that neither Zach nor I eat…honeydew melon. Get this kid in front of a slice of melon and WATCH OUT. She’s more aggressive than a pack of wild dogs going after a T-bone! Her single-minded focus in eating melon is highly entertaining to watch. She’ll literally bury herself in the fruit and we can’t pry it away from her. It’s drippy and sticky and gets all over everything, but she could care less. Honeydew…who knew?

And for her next trick…Taylor made her move this week and started crawling! She sees what she wants and now she can get it and the look of accomplishment and joy on her face is thrilling to observe. Zach captured some footage of some of her first crawling.
Click here to see video of T.J. crawling.

Friday, December 9, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 30 WEEKS OLD)

We’re quickly figuring out that we’ve got a determined little baby on our hands. When she wants something, she’ll figure out a way to get it! These days, she’s determined to crawl. As soon as we put her down on the floor, she gets up on her hands and knees (or her hands and tippy-toes) and we can see her trying with all her might to figure out how to crawl. She can get up on all fours with relative ease at this point but she hasn’t quite figured out how to actually propel herself forward yet. Usually she rocks for a bit, moves her knees forward and then sort of topples over. While I’m patient and could wait a long time for this milestone to arrive, Zach has been encouraging her by putting a bottle or toy on the floor just out of reach so that Taylor tries to crawl to get it. Sometimes she can get to it by doing a pseudo-crawl, and other times she just reverts to rolling around until she reaches her target. We’re on the brink, though, and we anticipate that she’ll probably be crawling by Christmas (just in time to get into all of the presents and the tree!)

Get the bottle:
Bottle1 Bottle2 Bottle3 Bottle4

Trying to crawl:
GrinsMcGee3 CrawlBottle

Please don’t bother me…I’m working:

Rare pictures of me with Taylor (& Sonja!):
Liz TJ SonjaLizTJ

P.S. Zach turned 30 this past weekend, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ZACH!!!

Friday, December 2, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 29 WEEKS OLD)

This week’s posting is late because the website had to be brought down for a short period, but now we’re back in business! We had a rough couple of weeks…Taylor got a cold for the very first time. She’d had the sniffles before, but this was a full-fledged cold and she was just miserable. I got sick also, and Zach stayed up with her a few nights in a row so that I could catch up on my rest. With all of the sickness going around, there wasn’t much sleeping happening in our house. We actually brought her in to the doctor because she seemed pretty uncomfortable and she wasn’t eating like her usual self. The doctor looked at her and said that she didn’t look like it would hurt her too much to miss a meal (hey…what’s she trying to say?!?). Thankfully, we’re all better now and Zach didn’t get sick yet, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that he stays well!

Pictures from Grandma C.R.’s visit:
CRvisit 7 CRvisit8 CRvisit 9

With Grandpa:


My favorite expressions:
Squinchy Face Sitting Up Gaze 1