Friday, November 25, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 28 WEEKS OLD)

Last Friday I brought Taylor in to the pediatrician for her 6 month checkup. Usually she’s pretty mellow until we get to the time for shots, but not this time. Almost as soon as we got into the examining room, she started to let me know that she did not want to be there. She fussed and cried and by the time the guy came around to give her her shots, she was crying real tears. She’s becoming so in tune with her surroundings, I think she’s finally able to associate the doctor’s office with discomfort. Her doctor is wonderful, though, and she said that T.J. is doing just fine. Her head seems to be growing pretty rapidly, so we just have to keep an eye on it to make sure that nothing’s wrong. Otherwise, she’s doing great!

Taylor’s got about three moves in her repertoire that she utilizes to get her around. One is simply rolling, the second is the backwards scoot and the third move is sort of a rotating twist. It’s remarkable how much territory she can cover with just these three maneuvers. This week, she had a new development. I dropped her off with her babysitter and when I went to pick her up, Elizabeth said to me, “I didn’t know that Taylor’s sitting up on her own now”. She said that she laid Taylor and Cameron down on their tummies facing each other and she left the room for a minute and when she came back T.J. was sitting up! I was pretty shocked…she’s never done that at home. She must have been trying to impress Cameron, because we haven’t seen her do it since. At first Zach didn’t believe that it actually happened, but he kept pointing out how close she was to actually sitting up, so now he’s resigned himself to the fact that she did sit up, but it was probably a fluke.

BagelBox1 BagelBox2 BagelBox3 MonkeyingAround

Friday, November 11, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 26 WEEKS OLD)

I can hardly believe it, but T.J. is going to be 6 months old tomorrow. Look how much she’s grown!
Aintshecute Angel1 TJ chair3 kimono Sofa HappyBabe1

This past week has been one of tremendous development for Taylor. We think that she went through a major growth spurt over the weekend. On Sunday she slept almost the whole day. I was a little worried about her sleeping so much because I thought she might be sick, but otherwise she appeared to be fine. She also started making a strange wheezing sound sometimes when she would inhale. It sounded to me like she was having trouble breathing, so I called the pediatrician’s office and they said that it’s normal at this age, it’s just her trying out her vocal cords. I talked to some of the other moms that I know and they said that their kids went through the same stage. It was a relief, although even though I know it’s normal, it still catches me off-guard when she does it. She’s really working on finding her voice and so she chatters away constantly. No real words, just sounds, but she’ll entertain herself and “talk” while she’s in the car or on the changing table or just hanging out. It seems that she has a lot to say…I just can’t wait until we can understand what she’s saying!

Zach and I recently came to the conclusion that we needed some additional help in the childcare department. We both love the fact that we get to watch her on different days and we’re so lucky to be able to do it, but it means that Zach doesn’t get much down time. My friend Elizabeth, whose son Cameron is about a month older than Taylor, offered to do daycare on Wednesday mornings for a few hours. It was a little difficult leaving T.J. with someone who wasn’t family, but Elizabeth is wonderful with kids and I really felt comfortable with her so we tried it out this week. It seemed to work out well – I think I had more trouble leaving Taylor than she had seeing me go. She got to play with another baby all morning AND she discovered a wondrous world of new toys to drool over…great fun!

Lastly, T.J. was playing on the floor while I was in the kitchen cooking and I looked down and caught her trying to teethe on the leg of the coffee table:

Friday, November 4, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 25 WEEKS OLD)

Zach and I thought that after almost 6 months of being parents, we’d pretty much been indoctrinated into this parenting thing. We figured that there wasn’t much that Taylor could do to catch us off guard. Much to our surprise, she’s still got some tricks up her sleeve and so she chose this past week to put us through our own individualized hazing rituals. The other night, I was playing with T.J., lifting her up in the air above my head and bringing her back down again and she was giggling and loving it until – out of the blue – she spit up right on me! Now, it just so happens that Zach was standing nearby and he had the camera in his hand. At that moment, he had a choice to make – he could be kind and empathetic, putting down the camera and quickly getting me a towel to wipe off the spit-up OR he could turn the camera on me and capture the moment of my humiliation. I’m sure you can guess where he went with that decision. (Although, to be fair, I would have done the same thing!)

It looks like I’m crying, but I’m actually laughing (REALLY disgusted, but laughing!).
P.S. Look how pleased Taylor is with herself!

Zach had his own, entirely different, hazing encounter. He and Taylor were hanging out last week and he decided to go to the hardware store. Zach got T.J. out of her carseat and was holding her next to him and he started to get a warm feeling. It wasn’t just his paternal instincts kicking in that gave him that warm glow, it was what we in the parenting biz refer to as a TBO, or “total blow-out” – all over his shirt! To my great disappointment, no cameras were around to record the moment.

One last thought…
When we went on road trips as a kid, my brothers and I used to play “the penny game”, where my dad would pay the person who could locate certain objects. We would get a penny to locate things like a eucalyptus tree or a Volkswagon bug, but there was one item on the list that was considered the big payoff. The person who could find a lady in a purple hat would get paid a whole quarter. I searched in vain, but I was never able to find the elusive “lady in the purple hat”…until now (Dad, you owe me a quarter!):

HippieBaby1 HippieBaby2 HippieBaby3 PurpleHat

Taylor with Grandpa:
GrandPaul2 GrandPaul3 GrandPaul4