Friday, September 23, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 19 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor has discovered a new sound…it’s a shriek that is both frightening and charming at the same time. When we first heard it, we thought it was cute and funny. Now it’s starting to approach a dangerously high decibal range – glasses shatter, dogs start barking, we go deaf…and she loves it!

When I last took Taylor to the pediatrician, she mentioned that we could start feeding her solids pretty soon. Everything that we read about feeding babies said that it would be clear when it was time to start feeding solids because the baby would give signs that she was ready. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. We didn’t think that we had seen any signs, but what if she was giving us the signs and we missed them? We had a plan to start slowly introducing her to the eating world. I started out by letting her smell different foods so she would get familiarized with the smells of actual food, but she was pretty indifferent. I figured that we would just wait awhile and then try again, but pretty soon she started taking an interest in my food. Every bite that I put in my mouth was fascinating to her and she would mimic my chewing motions. It felt like kind of a tease to eat in front of her without sharing, so I decided to cut a piece of banana and let her lick it to see if she was interested. That’s when Taylor took over. Babies really show their strength when they’re pulling your hair or trying to get food. I put the banana up to Taylor’s mouth and she grabbed my arm and shoved the fruit into her mouth, gumming it with everything she had until I was finally able to extricate it from her jaws. T.J. is not one for subtlety and so we realized that she was giving us the signs – FOOD, NOW! Zach and I promptly mixed her up a snack (a tiny bit of mashed bananas) and she gobbled it up. As you can see, it was a big hit:

FirstFood4 FirstFood3 FirstFood5 FirstFood1 FirstFood2

At play:

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