Friday, September 9, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 17 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor learned a new trick this week – she’s now able to sit up unassisted. She doesn’t pull herself to a sitting position, but if we plop her down she’ll maintain her balance without teetering over (most of the time anyway!). It’s very thrilling, but all of this new activity has resulted in one major casualty, which is sleep. It seems that T.J. has figured out that there’s some exciting stuff happening in the world, so she fights sleep so that she doesn’t miss out on the fun. She used to sleep through anything…it looks like those days are over for now! Here’s some pictures of T.J. sitting up:

Situp Situp2 Situp3

Zach and I took Taylor down to Monterey this week to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had a great time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Taylor really enjoyed looking at all of the fishes with her daddy:
Fishes1 Fishes3 Fishes2

I put her in the Johnny Jump-Up just long enough to get a picture (easier said than done, talk about a moving target!):

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