Friday, September 2, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 16 WEEKS OLD)

Until this week, Taylor seemed to show very little interest in rolling over. She would protest every time I put her on her tummy, growling and fussing until I picked her up. All that changed on Sunday. From the moment she woke up, she was a baby on a mission. Every time I laid her down on her back, she would roll over to her side. In the afternoon, she got serious. I put her down in her Gymini and she would turn her head to her side, throw her leg over her body and grunt and groan trying to just…roll…over… and then she did it – success at last!!! Our little munchkin who usually HATES being on her tummy was on her stomach and looking up at me with the most triumphant expression on her face. I called Zach so that he could see a repeat performance. She totally rocked our world. We were so thrilled and proud and then slightly terrified because our child is no longer as easily contained as she once was and soon she’ll be crawling, and then walking, and then running and then DRIVING, and then…I’m exhausted just thinking about it!
Here’s a little animation of her in full rolling action:

In her new kimono that Linda sent her:

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