Friday, September 30, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 20 WEEKS OLD)

In the early days after Taylor was born, I would talk to moms of older babies and hear them discussing bedtimes and having a schedule. In my sleep-deprived state, these words sounded so foreign. The idea of ever having any sort of routine again was impossible to imagine. Now, after four and a half months, we are starting to get a routine to our days. We’ve really tried to follow her natural rhythm (after all, it’s Taylor’s world…we just live in it) and it’s working out pretty well so far. Finally we’re able to get her down for a somewhat regular bedtime. Unfortunately, T.J. has caught on to our routine and she does NOT like to go to bed. Personally, I would be thrilled if someone put me down for a nap, but not Taylor. As soon as she catches sight of her crib, she’s onto us and the drama begins. Suddenly, our happy, smiley baby turns into a major crankypants and she opens up all the stops. What follows is about 5 minutes or so of steady crying, fussing, sweating, squirming mayhem until she rolls onto her side, puts her thumb in her mouth and then she’s off to dreamland.

T.J. wearing her peeper-protectors:
Shades1 TooCool

Taylor with Bernice (aka “Aunt Pickles”):

Pickles2 Pickles3 Pickles1

Sweet baby:
Sofa Sherbert

Friday, September 23, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 19 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor has discovered a new sound…it’s a shriek that is both frightening and charming at the same time. When we first heard it, we thought it was cute and funny. Now it’s starting to approach a dangerously high decibal range – glasses shatter, dogs start barking, we go deaf…and she loves it!

When I last took Taylor to the pediatrician, she mentioned that we could start feeding her solids pretty soon. Everything that we read about feeding babies said that it would be clear when it was time to start feeding solids because the baby would give signs that she was ready. I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. We didn’t think that we had seen any signs, but what if she was giving us the signs and we missed them? We had a plan to start slowly introducing her to the eating world. I started out by letting her smell different foods so she would get familiarized with the smells of actual food, but she was pretty indifferent. I figured that we would just wait awhile and then try again, but pretty soon she started taking an interest in my food. Every bite that I put in my mouth was fascinating to her and she would mimic my chewing motions. It felt like kind of a tease to eat in front of her without sharing, so I decided to cut a piece of banana and let her lick it to see if she was interested. That’s when Taylor took over. Babies really show their strength when they’re pulling your hair or trying to get food. I put the banana up to Taylor’s mouth and she grabbed my arm and shoved the fruit into her mouth, gumming it with everything she had until I was finally able to extricate it from her jaws. T.J. is not one for subtlety and so we realized that she was giving us the signs – FOOD, NOW! Zach and I promptly mixed her up a snack (a tiny bit of mashed bananas) and she gobbled it up. As you can see, it was a big hit:

FirstFood4 FirstFood3 FirstFood5 FirstFood1 FirstFood2

At play:

Friday, September 16, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 18 WEEKS OLD)

Thank goodness for grandparents! Taylor’s grandma Laura and grandma C.R. came to the rescue for us this weekend. Zach and I both got sick on Saturday – reaaaaally sick with some sort of stomach virus. We managed to make it through Saturday night, but by Sunday morning we were both pretty exhausted and a little worse for the wear. My mom came and whisked Taylor away for a day of fun with Grandma so that Zach and I could get some much-needed rest. Later in the day, C.R. arrived and took over Taylor-duty. She and T.J. also spent all day together on Monday. By the time Tuesday rolled around, Taylor had two days straight of grandma-time…lucky girl!
C.R. took some great pictures while she was here:
CRvisit1 CRvisit2 CRvisit3 CRvisit6 CRvisit5

If the thumb won’t go to the tongue, the tongue will come to the thumb:


Friday, September 9, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 17 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor learned a new trick this week – she’s now able to sit up unassisted. She doesn’t pull herself to a sitting position, but if we plop her down she’ll maintain her balance without teetering over (most of the time anyway!). It’s very thrilling, but all of this new activity has resulted in one major casualty, which is sleep. It seems that T.J. has figured out that there’s some exciting stuff happening in the world, so she fights sleep so that she doesn’t miss out on the fun. She used to sleep through anything…it looks like those days are over for now! Here’s some pictures of T.J. sitting up:

Situp Situp2 Situp3

Zach and I took Taylor down to Monterey this week to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had a great time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Taylor really enjoyed looking at all of the fishes with her daddy:
Fishes1 Fishes3 Fishes2

I put her in the Johnny Jump-Up just long enough to get a picture (easier said than done, talk about a moving target!):

Friday, September 2, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 16 WEEKS OLD)

Until this week, Taylor seemed to show very little interest in rolling over. She would protest every time I put her on her tummy, growling and fussing until I picked her up. All that changed on Sunday. From the moment she woke up, she was a baby on a mission. Every time I laid her down on her back, she would roll over to her side. In the afternoon, she got serious. I put her down in her Gymini and she would turn her head to her side, throw her leg over her body and grunt and groan trying to just…roll…over… and then she did it – success at last!!! Our little munchkin who usually HATES being on her tummy was on her stomach and looking up at me with the most triumphant expression on her face. I called Zach so that he could see a repeat performance. She totally rocked our world. We were so thrilled and proud and then slightly terrified because our child is no longer as easily contained as she once was and soon she’ll be crawling, and then walking, and then running and then DRIVING, and then…I’m exhausted just thinking about it!
Here’s a little animation of her in full rolling action:

In her new kimono that Linda sent her: