Friday, August 26, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 15 WEEKS OLD)

This past weekend, Taylor and I fended for ourselves while Zach was away at a conference called Foo Camp. We kept busy while he was gone…lunch with friends, dinner at my parents and a christening. When we got bored, we sent dad some pictures to remember us while he was “foo-ing”:
Foo 1 Foo 2 Foo 4

On Sunday, we went to the christening of my “cousin” Jonathan’s baby Jaxon. Jaxon was born 24 hours after Taylor, so it’s always fun to see him and compare the stages that they’re each going through. Babies seem to run like clockwork – they all go through the same experiences at around the same age…it’s really remarkable! Even though Jaxon was born early and Taylor was born late, he was a pound heavier than T.J. at birth. He’s now a few pounds heavier than Taylor is and when I hold him I can feel what I’m in for – raising babies is a good workout!
Pete with Taylor & Jaxon:
Pete TJ Pete Jax2

Since the day that Taylor was born, Zach and I have been asked who we think that she most resembles. Some people have said that she is a dead ringer for Zach while others insist that she looks just like me. Personally, I have always had a difficult time seeing a resemblance between babies and adults. Under all the baby fat and without eyebrows or teeth, it’s really tough to see any relation between infants and their parents. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Taylor, trying to determine who she most resembles and here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

Eyes: Her eye color is blue and it’s possible that it could change. Zach’s eyes are blue/grey/green, mine are brown. According to the eye color indicator calculator T.J. has a 50% chance of having brown eyes, 37.5% chance of having blue eyes and 12.5% chance of having green eyes. If they do change color, it should happen in the next couple of months.
Nose: The general consensus seems to be that she’s got my nose.
Face: It’s hard to tell what shape her face will be. Zach and I both have long oval faces, so there’s a pretty good chance she’ll have the same. Surprisingly, she has dimples, which neither Zach nor I have. We think those came from Grandpa Paul and the Cahalen side of the family.
Hair: Zach has curly hair, mine is stick straight. Taylor doesn’t really have enough hair yet for us to tell whether it’s going to grow in curly or straight. Also, it’s not as dark as I was expecting. Zach and I both have fairly dark brown hair – so far, Taylor’s is kind of a reddish-brown hue.
Mouth: She has a little cupid’s bow mouth, which I think comes from Grandma C.R. and the Chandler side of the family.
Body: I’m afraid that she may have my body (i.e. short legs, long torso). I only think this because she grows out of her tops much faster than her pants. She does have a very good chance of being taller than me. According to the height predictor, she will probably be around 5’4″ tall. Let’s hope she doesn’t inherit my hobbit-like feet!


Friday, August 19, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 14 WEEKS OLD)

Well, it’s official…Taylor has more than doubled her birthweight. She’s now 14 lbs, 6 oz. (I think that’s how big our turkey was last Thanksgiving!)

I used to wonder what I would do with a baby all day…how do you keep them entertained? The answer is different every day. Now that Taylor’s old enough to be entertained, we play a lot of games with her. She loves music and so we spend a good amount of time dancing around her room. Some of her favorites are Sam Cooke, They Might Be Giants, Baby Einstein and Disney Classics. Sometimes I’ll turn the lights down, we’ll lay on the floor I’ll put on some Pink Floyd while I shine a flashlight on a CD. It reflects rainbows all over the room and so it’s like her own personal Laserium show. Zach and I both find ourselves improvising games and songs all the time to keep her entertained. Getting her to giggle is our ultimate goal in life these days, so any play that results in a giggle is repeated over and over again in the hopes that we’ll get another little laugh out of her. Click here to see a little snippet of video of Taylor giggling (the happiest sound in the world!)

For so long when I was pregnant with Taylor, we we didn’t know whether she was a boy or a girl yet and we didn’t know what to call her. It felt weird to call her “it” because we knew that she was a human being and we wanted something a bit more personal than “the baby”. She looked just like a peanut on the ultrasound , so we settled on “the peanut” or “the nut” for short. The nickname seems to have stuck because even now we still refer to her as “Peanut” or “The Nut” (sometimes we pronounce it “thanew” to make it sound more exotic). Nowadays, it’s kind of hard to remember those times when we thought she looked like a peanut – she has grown so fast! I can remember when she used to just curl up in a ball on my chest and go to sleep for hours and even though it was only about 8 weeks ago, it seems like a long distant memory. Everyone tells you “They grow so fast!”, but I just didn’t imagine how quickly my little peanut would grow into a chubby, happy coconut.

Some pictures of Taylor at play…

Tummy time while looking at herself in the mirror:

Playing a game I like to call “Toes to the Nose”, which is pretty much exactly like it sounds:
ToesNose2 ToesNose3

Bath time is always a hit:
Bath5 Bath6 Bath7

Friday, August 12, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 13 WEEKS OLD)

Taylor is 3 months old today! She weighs over 13 lbs now. It’s hard to believe that when she was born we were dressing her in preemie clothes, and now she’s grown out of most of her 0-3 month outfits already (must be nice to get a new wardrobe every 3 months!!) I’m happy to say that she’s been sleeping through the night for over 4 weeks now. It’s been amazing and wonderful and we’re enjoying each night, hoping that it lasts. Thanks to her grandma C.R., she’s snoozing in style – C.R. made her some custom bedding to match her nursery – all handmade and beautiful.

Last weekend, Zach and I left T.J. with my parents while we went out. It was our first time leaving her in someone else’s care since she’s been born. I was the typical nervous first-time parent, but once we were out the door I felt pretty relaxed. My parents did raise three kids after all (a feat for which I now have a whole new level of appreciation!) Of course, it went smoothly…when I came back, everyone was in bed sleeping soundly.

Because she doesn’t have much hair, people keep mistaking Taylor for a boy. We thought of starting a “Hair Club for Babies” so that the follicly challenged babies could get a head-start on hair growth. Alas, our idea was already taken but we did try a little experiment to see how T.J. would look with hair.
Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty:
BabyRogaine2 BabyRogaine

Here’s some pictures of Taylor’s new crib bedding:
Crib2 Crib TJ crib
…and Taylor with her monkey in the crib:
TJ monkey

Some pictures of Taylor with her Uncle Mike:
UncleMikey UncleMikey2

Friday, August 5, 2005 (TAYLOR IS 12 WEEKS OLD)…

This week I left Taylor in the very capable hands of her daddy while I returned to work. I was hoping that the separation wouldn’t be too difficult for her and I’m happy to report that she seems to be handling it just fine (I think it’s harder on me than it is on her). She’s still sleeping through the night and so I generally wake her up at about 6:00 a.m. to feed, then she’s back to sleep while I scramble to get ready and go to work. I’ve been working short days this week (4 hours), and so I get home around noon. Then Zach and I do the hand-off so that he can go to work and I can take over “Taylor-duty”. It’s hectic, but so far it seems to be working pretty well.

Taylor really seems to be blossoming this past week. She’s discovered her tongue and now nothing that comes near her is safe from the slobber-fest. I’ll be holding her and she’ll turn her head toward my arm and, in slow motion, I’ll see her little tongue sneaking out to lick my arm. She’s also figured out how to use both of her hands to grab her toys. Shortly after she figured out how to grab her toys, she figured out how to use both hands to put the toys up to her face. The goal, apparently, is to touch her tongue to every stuffed animal and toy that she owns. Thrilling stuff when you’re 3 months old!

Pictures of Taylor in her new pink hat:
PinkHat2 PinkHat1

…and wearing a “hat” that Zach made for her (I had nothing to do with this one!):
blanky head

Taylor playing in her Gymini:

TJ Gymini